Month: March 2017

Why is the new Spider-Man: Homecoming trailer causing part of fandom to freak out?

CNN is reporting today, in its usual bemused fashion regarding all things superhero film, that some subset of fandom is losing its collective spit on Twitter over the new Spider-Man: Homecoming trailer containing excessive spoilers. Dear readers, please forgive me, I had neither the time nor the patience necessary to track down exactly which Twitter corners, instead heading directly to check out the object of contention for myself:


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We Are Groot


When Guardians of the Galaxy was released the summer of 2014, I was frantically at work finishing my doctoral dissertation. I also happened to be living (but not employed) in Amsterdam at that time, due to my partner’s job. I begged my friends and family in the US (getting Guardians a solid three weeks before I did*), not to spoiler me, and they came through. We went to the midnight screening at Pathé Arena, and I laughed and wept and found it an entirely tolerable bargain not to make it home to my flat in the city center until nearly 3:30a (thanks to quirks of Dutch overnight transit).

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Screen Hygiene, Or the Problem with Divided Attentions

Multiple Screens

A staggering percentage of us now conduct our screen media consumption in multi-screen environments, where it’s not uncommon to watch film or television on one screen with another simultaneously illuminated on our laptop, with even a third one active every time the smartphone beckons with a new notification.

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Knits for Whovians


Time for another fandom knitting pattern round-up, and this time we’re turning our attention to free patterns celebrating Dr. Who. The TARDIS has always been the heart of the series, a traveling home and a character in its own right, and below we’ve materialized an offering of five knit tributes to the beautiful blue box.

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Netflix’s Iron Fist 1.1: Oh, Marvel, No.

Behold, the weekend it feels like no one was waiting for (thanks to the advance negative buzz) has arrived, and now we have thirteen episodes of this to contend with on Netflix. The question remaining is why, from the casting decisions to the general failure to acknowledge the very shaky representational ground the whole premise is standing on, in 2017. For a moment, the next twelve eps unseen, I’m going to give the show the benefit of the doubt, and imagine it’s possible these glaring issues somehow get fixed along the way–pilots are not episodic television’s strongest form, even on streaming, intended-for bingeing series–but now is the time to talk about how things certainly didn’t get off on the best (bare) foot.

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Knitting, Marvel Style

The more obsessions you can combine, the better, right? Also, nothing pairs better with rewatching Marvel Cinematic or Agent CarterLuke Cage, etc, than casting on a thematically appropriate project. Here we round up five of our favorite Marvel-tribute free patterns, with highlights for both print and screen fans.If you don’t already have a free account, take a second to get one, it will open whole new worlds for you as a knitter. (Also feel free to connect with Dr. Genre over there, she’s “616knitter”.)

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