Knitting, Marvel Style

The more obsessions you can combine, the better, right? Also, nothing pairs better with rewatching Marvel Cinematic or Agent CarterLuke Cage, etc, than casting on a thematically appropriate project. Here we round up five of our favorite Marvel-tribute free patterns, with highlights for both print and screen fans.If you don’t already have a free account, take a second to get one, it will open whole new worlds for you as a knitter. (Also feel free to connect with Dr. Genre over there, she’s “616knitter”.)

Loki’s scarf, from Avengers

Amy, at Thread Panda, gives cosplayers (and stealth cosplayers!) a gift burdened with glorious purpose: a free pattern that replicates Loki’s beautiful scarf from the Stuttgart adventure. You’ll need some advanced knitting skills (charted knitting, intarsia), but oh does this look worth it.

Loki Phone Cosy

A meme-tastic tribute to Mr. Laufeyson by Allison Day on Ravelry, this free pattern gives you a chart that not only works for the original phone cozy, but also looks like it would be superbfeatured on the backs of your favorite mitts pattern. We do what we want.

Darcy’s hat, from Thor: Dark World…

Admit it: you saw, you wanted. Also, it’s never the wrong time to channel a little Darcy sass, all while keeping your ears warm. Luckily, Raven Sherbo has you covered with a free pattern download over at Ravelry.

Or a hat tribute to Captain America

While technically a 4th of July pattern, this free hat pattern over on Mary Jane, Mink, and Midge looks an awful lot like a favorite Avenger’s shield.

Captain Marvel Mitts

Speaking of favorite Avengers and Captains, here’s another treasure from Amy at Thread Panda: a free pattern for mitts to make any member of the Carol Corps proud.

Don’t see your favorites here? Hit the comments section below to share your own faves or crowdsource what you’re looking for. Happy knitting!

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