Fic Showcase: An SPN Tale

We’re planning to showcase fun genre fan fiction on the regular, and we’re proud to have this author’s express blessing to start with theirs, a hilarious tale of Winchesters, the flu, and Netflix. Thanks so much, ficanicbasket!

“Unfortunately for Sam, every channel that came in decently on the TV was airing one of the Republican Presidential primary debates. That being only good for arguments about which candidate was from which circle of Hell, Sam flips it off equally as hastily as it had come on. Dean eyes Sam, about to begin the countdown sequence of whinging, when he was thankfully interrupted by rebellious lungs. As much as Dean twitched every time they were on the East Coast about the sheer number of people, Sam noted the sign on the dresser indicating even the crappy hotel they were at had WiFi, so he pulls out the laptop, boots it up, and pops on Netflix.”

Head on over to AO3 for the rest, in Gearheads, Germs, and Glorious NyQuill.

Please leave some love for ficanicbasket in the comments, and let us know what else you’d like to be seeing in future spotlights–we’d love some recommendations, after all, sharing is caring!

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