Knits for Whovians


Time for another fandom knitting pattern round-up, and this time we’re turning our attention to free patterns celebrating Dr. Who. The TARDIS has always been the heart of the series, a traveling home and a character in its own right, and below we’ve materialized an offering of five knit tributes to the beautiful blue box.


This winsome toque by Morgan Kenia Andrews on Ravelry features the Tardis in a striking graphic design, and looks like it would be a great stash-busting fair-isle quick knit.

TARDIS Kindle Case

I’m in love with the idea of this, since e-readers are most definitely “bigger on the inside”, and how adorable is this as a practical way to announce your fandom? Looks like another quick and fun knit, this one by AmericanWitch on Ravelry.

Bigger On the Inside shawl

For the advanced knitter, confident in lacework, check out Kate Atherly’s delightful shawl on, featuring a tardis motif in relief.


Or for the sock knitter, how about this magnificent tribute by Ellen Botilda?


And for the truly committed, feast your eyes on this bed-sized tribute to travel through space and time, by Carrie Fritsche over at Ravelry. All I can say is, WOW.

Don’t see your favorites here? Hit the comments section below to share your own faves or crowdsource what you’re looking for. Happy knitting!

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