Why is the new Spider-Man: Homecoming trailer causing part of fandom to freak out?

CNN is reporting today, in its usual bemused fashion regarding all things superhero film, that some subset of fandom is losing its collective spit on Twitter over the new Spider-Man: Homecoming trailer containing excessive spoilers. Dear readers, please forgive me, I had neither the time nor the patience necessary to track down exactly which Twitter corners, instead heading directly to check out the object of contention for myself:


Uh, I got nothing, guys, and while I oft have difficulty tooting my own horn, this girl knows how to watch a trailer. I bring an intense attention to detail, a strong visual memory, and I know what I’m looking for, because I’m well-versed in what trailers for big-fandom franchises need to accomplish and how they go about doing so.

Apparently there will be Tony Stark feels. For those who read the relevant Ultimate Spider-Man run in print, It looks like much of Miles Morales‘s world is getting transposed to Marvel Cinematic, without Miles (so far). Beyond that, there seem to be familiar heroes and villains (Shocker, anyone?), Peter Parker finally coming home to the MCU, and the usual special effects. I have no idea who these people are so sure died, and I’d rather spend the time thinking through how much the MCU needs both Peter and Miles (hey, it works in print!), and my fervent hope we get there soon.

Did you see the trailer? Am I missing something? How are you feeling about the production values–do they look on par with the other Marvel Studios films?

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