Stuff that got our attention elsewhere this week:

1. ) The weaponized cute of this vid (turn up the sound!):

2. This article on videogaming by Frank Guan, via New York Magazine/Vulture raises some provocative questions about gaming demographics and who gets the opportunity to do it professionally.

Far from a complete picture, but a start, nonetheless.

3.) A super beautiful piece by wakandanmikey, over on Geeks of Color.

Everything you need to know about a much more interesting/important issue with the upcoming Spider-Man movie than excessively-spoilering trailers.

4.) Apparently Joss Whedon’s in talks to write/direct a Batgirl movie.

Key detail: it doesn’t sound like any contracts have been finalized yet.

We’ll be back Monday morning with some cool surprises–see you then and have a great weekend, readers!

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