Cosplay Chronicles: Cosplay By McCalls Sale

I can't stop watching either.

I am new to cosplay. Sure, I rock the stealth cosplay options as often as I am able, but I have not yet attended an event as someone else, and I’ve always been a little jealous of those with the skill and confidence to go to a con in character.

When we write about general topics here, we try to assume an audience ranging from complete n00b to expert, and try to offer something to all. My knowledge on this topic is purely academic, and I bet someone reading this could school me for days on the minutiae of this facet of fandom.

Peggy Carter, Rose Roberts, and the League of Scary Women.

This year I have a 3-day pass for Boston Comic Con, and I’m contemplating going one of the days as Rose Roberts, from Agent Carter. Speaking as a total n00b, it’s a little intimidating to figure out everything I need, especially in the wig department, and I get overwhelmed browsing eBay for possible candidates. Having never cosplayed myself I don’t know if it’s enough to wear a dress I think Rose “would,” or if only copying one of her looks from the show would give me any cred.

Basically, all I know how to do is sew, which brings me back to the headline where I promised you a sale. Many of you are probably already familiar with the Cosplay by McCall’s sewing pattern collection (which also features some designs by YaYa Han), but for those of you who aren’t, this is a (relatively) new development from an old and venerable pattern company for home sewing. So if you’re not comfortable drafting patterns on your own (I’m definitely not there yet), you can use theirs as a starting place and customize to the exact look you want. They’re also re-issuing older fashion and costume patterns from the “vault” that are appropriate as well.

Right now, through the end of tomorrow, they’re having a 40% off sale on the Cosplay by McCalls and Vault Collection patterns, so if you’ve been eyeing anything, now’s the time!

Love the Hat!

And while I’m at it, look what Simplicity has re-released and styled in a very familiar way! (Click the image to go straight to the site if you want to learn more.)

I would love to hear about your experiences–who/what have you gone as, advice for any level of experience, where to source stuff, where NOT to source stuff, etc, etc. Let’s mix it up in the comments!

All opinions in this article are Dr. Genre’s and have not been solicited or paid for by any other entities. We’ll always let you know if we’re endorsing something that was provided at no cost for review, because we we aim not to be sketchy like that.

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