It’s time for a roundup of stuff that got our attention elsewhere this week! In a daikaiju kind of mood? Oh have we got you covered, but there’s also stuff for Horror fans as well.

First up, check out this video about Haruo Nakajima, who played Godzilla from 1954-1972.

Want more Godzilla history? Look no further than this great documentary by Norman England, Bringing Godzilla Down to Size: The Art of Japanese Special Effects (2008)–there doesn’t seem to be any non-YouTube distribution, but it does seems to be available on YouTube, at least for now.

Finally, a surprisingly open-minded NYT article on female Horror fan culture. It’s worth visiting for the pictures and the links if you want to check out some intense cosplay and community resources, and an introduction of sorts for those outside the culture. NB: Some of the pics are pretty realistically gory, definitely not for all ages, and likely NSFW.

Thanks for reading with us this week, and we’ll be back Monday with some stuff we’re excited about. Until then, please hit the comments and let us all know about other cool finds online that we missed!

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