Genre: It’s Called Fashion

True story: I was once direly short on funds and in desperate need of a new computer in order to finish my degree work, and I opened an etsy shop called “fanservice nails,” which sold custom-mixed (“franken”) polishes that were supposed to capture the essence of a character, series, film, ‘ship, etc. It was fun, it was stressful, I learned a lot about running a small business, and I even eventually made enough profit to get my computer and “retire.”

There are many advantages to my life now.

This was all on the down-low of course, because as an aspiring professor, the revelation of my secret identity as “fandom nailpolish girl” would have forfeited my remaining professional dignity amongst the majority of my peers. Just too…fannish.

But I’ve always been a huge believer in “stealth cosplay”–wearing things that make me feel like a character I admire or whose traits I want to emulate in a given moment, secretly walking around in another skin that feels a little stronger/braver/sassier than my own default settings. I have a red “Peggy Carter dress” and her official perfume and lipstick from Besamé. I can conjure “a Gwen Cooper outfit” in about 2m as long as it isn’t laundry day. I even marched into a Sephora a couple weeks ago and begged one of their makeup artists to show me how to do Darlene’s super smudgy eye look from Mr. Robot. And my biggest sartorial “secret” is that if circumstances require me to front utterly #flawless, then I look no further than the maxim WWADWW (What would Adele DeWitt Wear)?

So I was intrigued to discover–catching up on my magazine reading while vacationing last week–that Elle Magazine‘s February 2017 issue featured not one but two spreads on genre fashion (plus a profile on Ryan Murphy and Sarah Paulson’s collaboration on American Horror Story). In their “On Earth As It Is In Television” (p168) fashion pictorial, they featured actresses currently in high-profile genre roles, such as Evan Rachel Wood and Thandie Newton of Westworld, Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams of Game of Thrones, and the cast of Riverdale. While these spreads were putting the actors in more mainstream fashion-y gear than their TV wardrobes, it still acknowledged that these shows can generate fashion icon status as well (even for already established performers like Wood and Newton). And the shopping editorials collected in “Now Screening” (p99) featured capsule wardrobes inspired by Westworld, Game of Thrones, Mr. Robot, and Stranger Things. I wasn’t overwhelmed by the choices they made for those capsules–it didn’t bespeak deep familiarity with the series, to say the least, but I loved the idea, and it got me thinking. Genretastic needs a polyvore account.

So: here we go. I’ll be making sets as the whim strikes, and I enjoin you all to submit yours too! Also, let’s talk stealth cosplay and fave character/film/series inspirations below…

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