GotGVol2: Double-Feature Viewing Options

For the Guardians fans in the house, I’ve pulled together a quick roundup of some of the opening night options available to US filmgoers. In addition to seeing the new film solo, you can also see the original in theatrical release again thanks to the double-feature screenings most major theater chains seem to be offering. Personally, I’m determined to get to it in IMAX at least once, since I know that’s the option James Gunn has expressed is the optimum experience, and also I possibly maybe bought that pass. The fact that there appears to be a uniform rollout across big multiplex chains for a double-feature, complete with consistent swag, continues to support the idea that Marvel Studios is feeling bullish that Guardians audiences can be counted on to show up and want extras, and this was a top-down decision. So! To your options:

For those of you who have an AMC nearby, they’re offering a double feature and some swag:

From AMC marketing email

Regal Cinemas also seems to be offering the same deal at select of their theaters, but they don’t have pics up of the buttons and poster, and likewise Cinemark.

For Austinites, Alamo Drafthouse seems to be rolling its own double-feature option.

Are there any cool Guardians opening day screening options we’ve missed? Please spill in the comments.

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