Comfort Food

Sometimes it’s just been a week, you know? Needing a genre pick-me-up? We’ve got some suggestions to scratch your itch:

We know what Cap'n Rogers stands for.

Feeling like Marvel Print has let you down with all this Hydra stuff at the worst possible time? Check out this amazing fic by idiopathicsmile, about Steve Rogers being a PR disaster in the best possible way. While you’re at it, head on over to SoundCloud and check out Murder Ballads’s utterly delightful track, “The Ballad of Captain America’s Disapproving Face.”

It's raining on my face

Speaking of SoundCloud, just a reminder to all the Steven Universe fans that nearly every song from the series is available right here for your listening pleasure. You know, if you need to listen to “Stronger Than You” a few million times on repeat. *cough*. If you’re not already a Steven fan, hold off for now on the songs because thar be spoilers, but take yourself to Hulu if you have a subscription and start bingeing on pure love. If you care about families of choice, kids being taken seriously, badass lady superheroes in a variety of body types, solid queer representation, and texts made by/starring POC, then you’re in for an amazing treat, with this sweet little animated show. I’ve been rationing myself to two eps a night because it’s always guaranteed to make me feel better about the world.


And speaking of Hulu, if you have it, go dip a toe in the Stargate universe. I still don’t know the other series, but Stargate: SG-1 is a classic that has worn surprisingly well over the years. Once it clears the hurdle of some truly awful eps after the three-part pilot (I’d advise skipping “Emancipation” through “The First Commandment”), the series quickly lightens up once the Serious Business™ of world-building has reached a sufficient stage that the production can start to enjoy the cast’s genuine chemistry and great comedic chops. By the time they start logging the meta-episodes, this is a show comfortable enough with itself to go for the laugh and some good sci-fi storytelling at the same time. Also, Teal’c forever. I will die happy if my eye game is ever half as good as his. Or my side-eye game, for that matter.

In a just world, we would have gotten S3 of this in January, not The Other Thing.

You’ve watched Agent Carter, haven’t you? (Please tell me you’ve seen Agent Carter.) Watching it again is always a good idea.

I love you, Wendy Watson.

Bet you haven’t watched The Middleman though. This wonderfully weird series starring Natalie Morales as the world’s most unflappable temp was gone after one season because life is horribly unfair, but we have the gift of twelve glorious episodes of genre comedy about apprenticeship to a sort of bureaucratic superhero, and they are to be cherished. I cannot stress enough both how gleefully silly and how genuinely lovely this show was. There’s an ep featuring trout-eating zombies. No really. Go!

Still need more? How about a quick read? I haven’t sampled the new CW series Riverdale yet, so I can’t speak to the accuracy of Emily Nussbaum’s review for the The New Yorker, but I was pleasantly surprised by her genre fluency and and impassioned coda at the end for why teen dramas–and doing them well–are important.

What are you curling up with this week? Please do share in the comments.

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