Month: September 2017

Genre @ Large: Mother of Carbs!

Advertising Image, Dolce & Gabbana

We know what characters are: the fictional personae that populate our pages and screens. We know what actors are too: the paid professionals who portray those characters on screens and stages. A squishier grey area in the middle is populated by two (frequently overlapping) concepts: the actor’s “public persona” (the image they project when they are in the public eye as “themselves,” which is not entirely unperformative) and the “actor text,” or valance of associations from prior roles that tend to attach themselves to performers.

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Can They Read This?

Working in a store that carries toys of any kind comes with a fair amount of dealing with kiddos. Adding to that, for the most part, comics have been viewed as a medium for kids for a long time. Perhaps when comics were sold for a dime at the rack beside the register, it was easy to count on the fact that you could hand it off to your kids. Captain America would never do anything bad. Superman is the ultimate good guy. You can trust them with your kids. Even then, though, comics had a tendency to get a littleā€¦ unsuitable for kids.

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Genre TV Cleans Up At the Emmys

No longer relegated to solely the technical achievement awards, genre television seems to be on the ascendant in critical recognition and popular buzz, and last night’s Emmy Awards reflected this trend amply, awarding some of their highest honors to the streaming dramas that dominated this season. Below, we collect the full list of genre Emmy winners for 2017.

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