TBR Piles

put on a pot of coffee and roll up your sleeves, gurl

Among the many things mounting in a ceaselessly peripatetic and distracting summer, my comics TBR pile has reached epic proportions, nominating me “Most likely to be crushed by a falling stack of singles she still hasn’t read yet.”

Bagging and boarding my last delivery from my LCS was a rude awakening, ruder still as I sorted the new issues in with the ones already waiting. There are clear geological strata, marked by Marvel events observed or avoided, and while I’ve been pulling and buying all the titles I want to throw my support behind, reading them has, shamefully, been another matter, save fitfully, for the last few months. Comics don’t travel well, and I’ve spent the summer doing nothing but.

Oh and let’s not even mention the unread indie trades that have been stealthily filling a shelf for some time now (and more of which seem to have followed me home from the last con).

My work is certainly cut out for me this month. I got my first issue of America signed by Joe Quinones at Boston Comic Con last month, and I’m hoping to get #2 signed by Ming Doyle this month at Ladies Con. In the meantime, I’d better start hustling on actually catching up on the America issues beyond those, already piled and waiting. It wasn’t until now I was ready to pick Bitch Planet back up, and I’m glad to have it, even if readers and creators are all still reeling over reality nudging ever closer to fiction. #10 was great, and I’m looking forward to catching up on the next issues too. Once I’m done those, I have almost more Wakanda than I can carry, which suits me just fine–Black Panther, Tales of Wakanda, and The Crew all waiting for me to catch up–and this brings us only to the end of my “B’s”, if you’ve noticed. And there is a LOT more in my C-W…

So that’s my confession, now let’s hear yours: What series are you most behind in that is stressing you out? Is your TBR pile neatly groomed or looming ominously?

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