Peace and Love on the Planet Earth

Is there anything worth more than peace and love on the planet Earth?

Steven Universe ruled Boston Comic Con 2017, not just with an appearance by Zach Callison (Steven’s voice himself), but with a legion of happy cosplayers spreading joy wherever they went.

Callison’s Q&A seemed to be the hot event of the weekend, in terms of demand versus seats. Lining up 45m in advance was ultimately insufficient for entry, and many fans were turned away grumbling good-naturedly. Observing the line hoping to gain admission, it was notable that there was no clear favorite character among cosplayers, instead, loving enthusiasm devoted to cosplay of the large cast of secondary characters as well as that of the Crystal Gems.

Pitch-Perfect Yellowtail and Onion!

The most popular SU couple cosplay was by far Ruby and Sapphire, and in sheer numbers, they actually began to rival the number of Joker/Harley Quinn pairings present at the con. Overall, the SU cosplayers were also very generous with posing for pictures and interacting with awed small kids in character–making a wonderful impression to onlookers of a joy-filled and giving fandom, very in tune with the overall message of the series itself.

We’ve recommended Steven Universe to our readers before, but as we enter a new fall in a very difficult year, it seems worth repeating: If you need stories in your life with compassionate, interesting characters, who are allowed to make mistakes and grow from them, if you need loving representation of queer people and their relationships, or of unbreakable families of choice, or a series starring a diverse cast, you can get all of that here and more. Sure it’s ostensibly for kids, but like the best stuff made for kids, it speaks clearly and kindly to the themes that are universally relevant at any age, with messages we could all use. Add in some hauntingly beautiful songs with feels-punching lyrics, and you can see why the fans were out in force this August in Boston, recreating a little corner of the world they love.

If you’re already a fan, share your favorite song in the comments. It’s a tough choice, but mine might be the one this piece shares a title with.

Lapis Lazuli! Amethyst!

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