A Rose Is a Rose Is a Rose: Thirteen Series and Their Alternate Titles


1.) The Dean and Dean Hour

Saving Hope

2.) Terrible Hospital

3.) Our Lives Are Hollow

4.) Yowl and Twang

The Good Wife

5.) Lawyers


6.) Dunkie

Legend of the Seeker

7.) The Cleavage-y Tales Of the Land Of Soundstagia

Game of Thrones

8.) Tits and Beheadings


9.) That’s Racist, Kyle


10.) Child Batman


11.) BOW-now.

Law & Order: Criminal Intent

12.) BOMP-bomp.

Rizzoli & Isles

13.) Boston Marriage

‘Fess up: What series have you renamed in shorthand when it’s Netflix/Hulu/etc time and you have to negotiate a pick?