Romance For Newbies

Well, Genretastic readers, I’m back! I disappeared for the better part of a year while the tiny human I was building sapped all my creative energy, but she’s now an outside baby and I have a little bit to spare. I’m looking forward to engaging with you.

When I started writing for this website and was looking for my own little niche in this space, I ended up looking a lot more at romance than I initially expected. Romance as a genre is complex and widely varied, but I don’t think I’m alone in having spent a fair few years of late adolescence and early adulthood feeling that romance and other things in the “for ladies” category were beneath me as a feminist who was going to do Big Things. As I got older, and started digging deeper into the realities of living in the world as a woman, I started to realize that was nonsense, but those kinds of prejudices put down roots, and it’s taken me some time and conscious effort to do better.

Now, though, I have a daughter, and I try to hold out some hope that the world she will grow up in will be a little kinder to girls and women. My role in that, of course, is vast, but to start small, I decided that my big goal for this year is to read and learn about romance as a genre of literature, television, and film. I hope to explore sub-genres of fiction as well as looking for lots of others’ thoughts in blogs, books, and other media. To keep me honest, to give me deadlines, and hopefully to bring some people along the way, I’ll be sharing updates about what I’m reading and learning here at Genretastic. I’m aiming for twice a month, more or less alternating between review-style pieces and my own thoughts on the genre as a whole.

I don’t promise any kind of expert-level content by any stretch; I’m pretty new to the genre, and I’ll be learning as I go. What I can promise is that I’ll be approaching things with an open mind and an intent to discover more about the creators, their work, and the people who love it. I’ll also be running book discussions once a month in the forums, so whether you’re a newbie, too, or a tried-and-true devotee, I hope to see you there!

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