Black Panther Knit-Along and other BP knitting resources!


As some of you may know, knitwear designer Jeff Gillies released his pattern for Nakia’s beautiful scarf from Black Panther as afree download on Ravelry. Knit-nerds collectively lost their spit and immediately snatched up all of the yarn needed to make this beautiful piece, from every corner of the internet. Unfortunately, two of the colorways are discontinued (sob) and will never be restocked.

For those of you trying to track down acceptable substitutes for those yarns, while I haven’t found the right match for the Noro Silk Garden 430 (please share your ideas in the comments if you have them!!!) yet, I’m pretty pleased with the Plymouth Yarn Sakkie in colorway 404 “Reef” I scored on sale, as a sub for the madelinetosh Dandelion “Shire” (the texture will be different, but it’s the best sub I’ve seen so far for the colorway).

Are any of you already knitting this? How’s it going? Let’s get a knit-along going in the comment thread, and share resources, pics, and progress!


And now a roundup of some cool Black Panther-inspired knitting swag we’ve found around the internet.

1.) You probably need a project bag for that Nakia cowl in progress, right? This one at LadyDyeYarns is pretty awesome:

Image via and property of

2.) The same shop has several movie-inspired colorways to check out as well!

Image via

3.) Not up to knitting an entire Nakia scarf, but need those colors in your life? LadyPurl on Etsy has you covered!

Image via LadyPurl's etsy

4.) Then there’s the vibrant skeins over at WhatTheFlockHandDyed’s Etsy:

Image via WhatTheFlockHandDyed Etsy

5.) And finally there’s the new Madelinetosh Black Panther skeins, at Just look at “Shuri”, below!

Image via

Happy crafting, friends! And be sure to share any other cool BP yarny goodness you know about in the comments!

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