Author: Dr. Genre

Dr. Genre holds a doctoral degree in Cinema and Media Studies. In addition to her academic background in genre-related topics, she has also worked in development in the US Film and Television industry. ​ She is currently hard at work on her debut novel and is a frequent panelist/presenter at genre-oriented fan conventions in the Northeast. She is a member of Broad Universe.

Westworld S2 Ep 1: Journey Into Night

Welcome to the first of our weekly Westworld S2 Ep recaps! I’ll be taking a look at each week’s episode (usually closer to broadcast) as they come out, and then turning the conversation over to all of us as a collective project in the comments. This season looks to be quite the ride, and I’m excited to help us all puzzle through it. SPOILERS AHOY!

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Thor: Ragnarok

Thor: Ragnarok is out on Blu-ray today, which seems like a good time to revisit this fall release with a few thoughts on the film. After two viewings and time for reflection in between, it’s finally somewhat easier to position a critical response to the November blockbuster from Marvel Studios than it was at the time of release, but an ultimate sense of ambiguity remains. Yes, it was fun, yes I left the theater feeling oddly disappointed–both are true.

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