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Interview: Heather M Morris

A conversation with the fabulously versatile painter Heather M Morris.

I first encountered Heather M Morris’s work a couple years ago, when I stumbled by chance upon her show at a coffeeshop in Somerville, MA. I made certain to find and view every painting on display before I left, and was enthralled by her skill at capturing not just the likenesses but the personalities of the genre characters she chose as her subjects.

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Genre TV Cleans Up At the Emmys

No longer relegated to solely the technical achievement awards, genre television seems to be on the ascendant in critical recognition and popular buzz, and last night’s Emmy Awards reflected this trend amply, awarding some of their highest honors to the streaming dramas that dominated this season. Below, we collect the full list of genre Emmy winners for 2017.

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Wonder Woman

With DC movies as of late, it’s always better to hope for the best, but remember to keep your expectations low. That said, I walked into Wonder Woman with just that and came out kind of blown away. Was the movie perfect? No. Would I pay to see it again? Definitely. It was not only a fun movie, but the best DC film that’s come out in years. (At least, not including the animated films. But we won’t get into how rad DCAU is just right now.)

Spoilers here! Watch your eyes!

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