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Taking This Loop Off

Hey friends! We’ve been quiet for a while because everyone got super busy with the stuff that pays the rent, etc, etc, but we haven’t forgotten this project. Right now, please consider our site under construction. We hope to return in early 2021 with new content and recharged batteries. Stay safe out there, and please keep social distancing, masking up, and washing your hands.

Letter To Our Readers

Dear Readers,

Has it really been four months already? Wow, that went fast.

You may have noticed we’ve been publishing less frequently in the last few weeks. This is due to several factors: we all have assorted day gigs, life tends upend the best-laid plans of all writers, even when it’s good news, and speaking for myself personally, the last few weeks have been a complicated kind of full in my doings away from the site.

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These Are Their Stories

Naturally, I spent a recent sick day on the couch watching a Law & Order marathon on cable. I mean, it’s what you do, right? Amongst the many spin-offs, there are a seemingly infinite number of episodes, all structured in a rigid and predictable way that has heavily influenced your standard-issue criminal procedural drama. Thanks to that huge backlog of episodes and syndicated re-runs, you can find an episode of at least one of the series on television at virtually all hours.

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