Comments Policy


Don’t be that guy. Please.

  • It’s pretty simple, kids. No racism, no misogyny, no homophobia, no transphobia, no hate in general.
  • Also not welcome here: ad-hominem attacks. It’s one thing to say “I disagree with you and here are my respectfully stated reasons why,” and entirely another to shout “You suck, I hate you!” or “You’re stupid,” (or worse). If a comment really has you that worked up, take a breather. Odds are high our mods will make it disappear anyway by the time you return.
  • We’re not here to trash creators or texts we don’t enjoy. We ask everyone choosing to participate here to abide by the same.
  • We prioritize making this community a safe place for users with anxiety and depression. Please treat each other with kindness and charitable assumptions. Dr. Genre’s rule of thumb is: Before you respond, assume the person who just ticked you off is having the worst day of their life. You have no way of knowing they aren’t.
  • Finally, no making fun of anyone’s name, face, or body (including public figures). We know better than that, right?


Our moderators have been granted a heavy hand for comment deletion and will not lose any sleep over escorting you and comments out the door if you’re being a lousy neighbor in our community. If we think you’ve made a genuine mistake, we’ll take you aside for a word to the wise.