Romance For Newbies: Reader’s Advisory and The Freebie Problem

Getting into any new genre is difficult and often intimidating. You know you’re interested in the idea, but there’s so much out there, of so many different quality levels, and even your best friends’ tastes just don’t line up well with yours. Plus, you’re used to one kind of story and the formula of another kind can be jarring at first.

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Westworld S2 Ep 1: Journey Into Night

Welcome to the first of our weekly Westworld S2 Ep recaps! I’ll be taking a look at each week’s episode (usually closer to broadcast) as they come out, and then turning the conversation over to all of us as a collective project in the comments. This season looks to be quite the ride, and I’m excited to help us all puzzle through it. SPOILERS AHOY!

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Romance For Newbies: Outlander & Models of Consent

Note: here be spoilers for Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series.

In the introductory post to this series, I mentioned that I was new to romance as a genre in part because I had some internalized-misogyny-type snobbery about it for a long time. Even so, though, in practice I’ve always enjoyed romantic stories, which is why cross-over type novels were on my radar a long time before standard romances made it into my world. Cross-overs from historical fiction, in particular, are things I’ve been reading for a long time and pretending they weren’t romance novels because they had, you know, research behind them.

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