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Finding a Path Into Marvel with CMRO

I’ve always been a fan of genre. In junior high, after reading the Lord of the Rings, I systematically worked through my school library’s entire fantasy and sci-fi section. My favorite TV shows included ST:TNG, the X-Files, and Babylon 5, and by high school I was slowly developing an appreciation for low budget sci-fi and horror movies. But comics? They just seemed… complicated. My small town didn’t have a comics shop, so my early exposure was limited to convenience store Archies, Richie Rich at the dentist’s office, and once, an X-Men comic at the lake-front cabin of some friends of my parents. That last one seemed cool, but I didn’t know who any of the characters were, or where to begin finding out.

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Jumping the Turnstiles

I grew up in a fairly small town, in a place that didn’t really have much in the way of comic books. There was one local Hastings, which had a poor selection, and one Barnes & Noble, which didn’t carry single issues and had a trade paperback section that was spotty at best. For a thirteen year old in a time before the internet, finding and then making the trek to a comic book store was something of a brutal challenge. Once I finally made it there, I distinctly remember being ecstatic to finally make it to this place. It felt like some kind of mecca, some kind of huge step in my life to be able to even just cross the threshold of the place that held so much of what I loved.

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Lost In the Back Issues

Let’s say you’re a new comics reader, and you’ve gotten sucked into all things Marvel by their screen universe. You want to dig deeper now. Meet these characters on the page. Learn more about their pasts and go on more adventures with them.

It seemed so simple of a plan...

Then you get to Marvel.com. Let’s get reading comics, you say!

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