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Genrepocalypse 2019: GoT Edition

How are we doing, friends? I’ve had a heck of a last week, what with seeing Avengers: Endgame AND the Battle of Winterfell in a span of five days.


I promise we’ll delve deep into Endgame in a full post soon, but today, let’s deal with the slightly more time-sensitive matter of Game of Thrones Ep. 8.3, “The Long Night.” Assume full spoilers below.

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Genre @ Large: Mother of Carbs!

Advertising Image, Dolce & Gabbana

We know what characters are: the fictional personae that populate our pages and screens. We know what actors are too: the paid professionals who portray those characters on screens and stages. A squishier grey area in the middle is populated by two (frequently overlapping) concepts: the actor’s “public persona” (the image they project when they are in the public eye as “themselves,” which is not entirely unperformative) and the “actor text,” or valance of associations from prior roles that tend to attach themselves to performers.

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