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Great Expectations: Box Office and Marvel Cinematic Universe

The final price tag for Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2, per the NYT, is estimated at approximately $350M (production + marketing), with an opening domestic weekend gross of $145M. This does not represent a loss–we have the entire summer ahead of us, and then the secondary market (DVD and digital sales) will more than compensate any (unlikely) shortcoming in ticket sales. Still, this is considered an underperformance for a Marvel film by some prognosticators, and almost guarantees a few think-pieces by the end of June about how perhaps the Marvel screen realm has expanded to its natural limits and now only contraction remains. The unexpected overperformance of the first Guardians installment–a whopping $773M worldwide in tickets alone–will be cited as proof of franchise attrition and “superhero fatigue” three years out, and there will be smug nodding.

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Come and Get Your Love: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2


We’ve got a lot to cover here with the newest release from Marvel Studios, so we’ll start with the short version: This was fun. Go see it.

And now, Spoilers Ahoy! Depending upon your personal tolerances, you may not want wade into the waters below before going to see the film first. Go on. We’ll wait for ya.

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