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Knits for Whovians


Time for another fandom knitting pattern round-up, and this time we’re turning our attention to free patterns celebrating Dr. Who. The TARDIS has always been the heart of the series, a traveling home and a character in its own right, and below we’ve materialized an offering of five knit tributes to the beautiful blue box.

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Knitting, Marvel Style

The more obsessions you can combine, the better, right? Also, nothing pairs better with rewatching Marvel Cinematic or Agent CarterLuke Cage, etc, than casting on a thematically appropriate project. Here we round up five of our favorite Marvel-tribute free patterns, with highlights for both print and screen fans.If you don’t already have a free Ravelry.com account, take a second to get one, it will open whole new worlds for you as a knitter. (Also feel free to connect with Dr. Genre over there, she’s “616knitter”.)

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