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All Ages and LGBT+

Often, I see people say that kids don’t understand a lot of things. They don’t understand sexuality yet, they don’t understand gender, they don’t understand the difference between those things, they don’t understand consent, they just don’t understand. In reality, however, kids very much do understand these things. In some ways, they understand them so much better than adults to, because they’re still forming their own opinions.

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Rae’s Recs: May 11

Welcome all, to this week’s Rae’s Recs! This small, weekly comic recommendation posts every Thursday and I’ll be doing my best to bring you some cool titles you may not have noticed on your first go-round on New Comic Book Day! I recommend two of my favorite single issues for the week, one or two graphic novels or trade comics from the past few weeks, and then two all-ages comics. These have no time frame, but are just some really great titles to share with a kiddo, or even an adult, in your life. One ongoing, one completed.

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