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Come and Get Your Love: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2


We’ve got a lot to cover here with the newest release from Marvel Studios, so we’ll start with the short version: This was fun. Go see it.

And now, Spoilers Ahoy! Depending upon your personal tolerances, you may not want wade into the waters below before going to see the film first. Go on. We’ll wait for ya.

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Rae’s Recs: May 4

Welcome all, to this week’s Rae’s Recs! This small, weekly comic recommendation posts every Thursday and I’ll be doing my best to bring you some cool titles you may not have noticed on your first go-round on New Comic Book Day! I recommend two of my favorite single issues for the week, one or two graphic novels or trade comics from the past few weeks, and then two all-ages comics. These have no time frame, but are just some really great titles to share with a kiddo, or even an adult, in your life. One ongoing, one completed.

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Finding a Path Into Marvel with CMRO

I’ve always been a fan of genre. In junior high, after reading the Lord of the Rings, I systematically worked through my school library’s entire fantasy and sci-fi section. My favorite TV shows included ST:TNG, the X-Files, and Babylon 5, and by high school I was slowly developing an appreciation for low budget sci-fi and horror movies. But comics? They just seemed… complicated. My small town didn’t have a comics shop, so my early exposure was limited to convenience store Archies, Richie Rich at the dentist’s office, and once, an X-Men comic at the lake-front cabin of some friends of my parents. That last one seemed cool, but I didn’t know who any of the characters were, or where to begin finding out.

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My LCS, My Self

I came to comics late. My first undergrad roommate was a huge DC and Vertigo fan (this was in the late 90s), and I went to our college town’s LCS with her a couple times, but I didn’t really understand how to get into comics, nor did the shop make them particularly approachable to a shy sci-fi nerd who had no idea what treasures the racks would eventually contain for her. Roomie lent me her Sandman trades. I tried but wasn’t into it.

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At What Cost, Marvel?

sing it!

Over the past couple of weeks here, speaking as a person who physically rings people up in a store for comic books, I’ve touched on some things that, I believe, may have had a hand in Marvel’s troubles as of late, such as first issues and the problems they can cause, and the events Marvel has now sworn are over for a while.

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Lost In the Back Issues

Let’s say you’re a new comics reader, and you’ve gotten sucked into all things Marvel by their screen universe. You want to dig deeper now. Meet these characters on the page. Learn more about their pasts and go on more adventures with them.

It seemed so simple of a plan...

Then you get to Marvel.com. Let’s get reading comics, you say!

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Is This The Beginning?

Before I get started, I want you all to know that I really do love comics. I love the medium, the way the community is growing and expanding, and I love Marvel Comics. My favorite superhero of all time is Ms. Marvel, in fact. However, there are some things about the industry, and about Marvel in particular, that are completely broken. These are things that maybe the average consumer, and certainly new consumers, may not really know about or realize. They’re things that have been broken for a long time and can be fixed. That’s the important message here. Things are broken in an identifiable way, and therefore they still can be repaired.

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Running Away

Sometimes we just need to run away from it all. Literally. The news has been pretty rough for a long time now, and I think it’s safe to say many of us are seeking brief escapes wherever we can find them. Me? I’ve found myself watching a lot of Steven Universe, and also lacing up my running shoes and hitting the trails more often. I listen to music, let a robot tell me when to run my intervals, and try to just be, outdoors and away from it all for a little while.

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Is This Mic On, Marvel?

Enough, Marvel Corporate Humies!

Today marks a new event. Or, at least, it may as well. Certainly, somewhere in an office high above our heads, touching the clouds, there are men in suits and ties deciding that, once again, it is time for another new Marvel Crossover Event. Somewhere on the ground, a fan with a microphone and a speaker loud enough to blow the eardrums of passers by screams at them to stop, to calm down, to give us all a chance to breathe after whatever the latest one was, but what those men hear is We love events. Please give us more events. We will give you gold and diamonds and bonuses and our devotion if you crossover everything all at one time.

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Why is the new Spider-Man: Homecoming trailer causing part of fandom to freak out?

CNN is reporting today, in its usual bemused fashion regarding all things superhero film, that some subset of fandom is losing its collective spit on Twitter over the new Spider-Man: Homecoming trailer containing excessive spoilers. Dear readers, please forgive me, I had neither the time nor the patience necessary to track down exactly which Twitter corners, instead heading directly to check out the object of contention for myself:


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